Success stories

Semen parameters

Hi Judi, Just a quick note to let you know that the treatment has massively improved David’s symptoms and also his sperm analysis is all now within normal ranges. It’s a pretty miraculous improvement and we can’t put it down to anything other than the prescribed Chinese herbs and mushrooms.

David’s has gone from having seriously low counts, low volumes and almost no normal morphology to above normal ranges within 4 months of starting the treatment, whereas in the five years prior to this we had found nothing that would improve his semen, and we had tried everything including vitamin and mineral supplements, improved diet etc.

Many thanks and we will keep you updated in the event we get any good news – we are hopeful we can now try naturally rather than having to undergo another IVF cycle.

Polycystic ovaries

I used Judi for a long period before the birth of my twins and she is AMAZING. Warm, calm, soft and so lovely. She knows her stuff and I always felt brilliant after seeing her. Which reminds me … I must go and see her soon!


I was treated by Judi in my second round of IVF. I spent a great deal of my sessions sleeping and utterly relaxed. I found her a calm and reassuring presence in a time that can that can be extremely stressful and have been convinced that acupuncture does work … my baby is due in October. I have recommended her to others and she is now known among us as fertility Judi!
DD, Brixton

Very low sperm count

After the failure of our first IVF cycle, my husband and I decided to be treated as a couple by Judi to support our second cycle. My husband has a very low sperm count (ICSI being our only option of having a baby) and we were keen to both do all we could to maximise our chances of success. A couple of months prior to our IVF treatment starting, we both started taking Chinese herbs prescribed by Judi and I had regular acupuncture appointments which I continued throughout our treatment. I found the acupuncture really helped me relax through what was a very stressful time and the Chinese herbs seemed to have a positive impact on our fertilisation rate which was much improved second time round. Our treatment was indeed successful and our baby boy is now a happy and determined two year old! I can’t imagine doing IVF again without Judi’s support. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about fertility and fertility treatment but she has a very calming presence, is very easy to talk to and was a real support to both my husband and I. I would recommend treatment with Judi to any couples about to undergo the roller coaster ride of IVF and can’t thank her enough for helping us realise our dream of having a family.


I came to Judi having suffered miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. I had three months of treatment, before I fell pregnant and continued with the acupuncture right up to the day before the birth. Abigail arrived safely in August weighing 7lb 7oz.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Judi to any of my friends.


After much persuasion Michael and I both started going to see Judi. We both had busy jobs but decided to make this a priority – we both visited Judi every week and 3 months after my miscarriage I found out that I was pregnant again! I continued with my acupuncture sessions, it was very reassuring seeing Judi and gave me a chance to relax and be positive that this baby would be healthy and strong. Nine months later our beautiful little boy Jake was born a healthy strong 9lbs. He is such a chilled out little boy and I really believe that alternative therapy definitely helped towards this. I encourage anyone going through something similar to try acupuncture. It is a very positive step in the right direction.


After ten years of being on the pill, I was frustrated because my periods had not returned after six months and I was keen to start a family.

After two courses of treatment with Judi, she helped to get things moving and I was pregnant within three months of trying – much to my utter delight. She was professional, calm and understanding throughout.

Daisy was born on 10th January 2009, weighing 7lb 5oz and very healthy.

All the best, Katherine

Antisperm antibodies

When my wife and I first started trying to have a baby we had difficulties conceiving, which lasted unsuccessfully for a couple of years unfortunately. During this time my wife had lots of tests, through her fertility natropath, and all normal results were retrieved, so we were baffled at why she was not getting pregnant. Towards the end of our investigations her natropath referred me to see Judi for a semen analysis. I had previous analysis through my GP and my results were average to say the least, meaning we could have conceived but my semen could certainly do with some improvement. After seeing Judi, she put me on a course of varying vitamins and supplements, for about four months and I abstained from alcohol and adjusted my lifestyle and I am VERY pleased to say that when my follow up analysis was carried out my results had improved SIGNIFICANTLY. ALL aspects of my quality, motility and volume showed strong signs of improvement, my count was three times as much as before. To be perfectly honest I was over the moon and slighlty surprised of the results as I was sceptical originally. Anyway the good news is that shortly after my wife and I had IVF, I am proud to say that we were successful first time round and in ten days I will be a father of a beautiful baby girl. Thanks you Judi for all your help we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

  • Before (12.2.13)/After (20.6.13)
  • Total Count was 120 million, increased to 459 million.
  • Rapidly Motile were 57%, improved to 78%
  • Normal Morphology was 14% of 120 million = 16.8 million, improved to 6% of 459 million = 27.54 million
  • IgG Antisperm anti-bodies = 52%, reduced to less than 10%
  • TOTAL Normal rapidly motile sperm = 9.5 million, more than doubled to 21.48 million.

I initially started acupuncture with Judi over three years ago when I was struggling to conceive. The initial prognosis from the doctors was that I was coming to the end of my natural fertility and that I was unlikely to respond well to IVF treatment. However Judi remained positive throughout and assured me that with the right balance of lifestyle, treatments and time that this needn't be the case.

In all three of my IVF treatments I responded far better than the medical evidence suggested I would, with two of them resulting in pregnancies. I have absolutely no doubt that acupuncture played a huge part in this, and helped my body’s natural rhythm to provide the medical treatment with the best possible chance of working. Judi’s knowledge of fertility and conception, coupled with her calm and supportive manner made my sessions one of the highlights of my otherwise stressful week.

Kind regards, Linda

Timely referral

Judi provides a seamless link between holistic treatment (acupuncture and Chinese herbalism) and traditional medicine. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the fertility system and has been a wonderful sounding board when we’ve needed to translate medical ‘jargon’ and given the information we’ve required to question recommendations from practitioners when necessary. Judi’s advice and caring approach has been invaluable in helping us navigate a sometimes confusing and emotional journey and she provided a referral to us at the opportune time. In short, it’s unlikely we’d be where we currently are without Judi’s dedication to getting to the bottom of a problem and doing the best for her clients. I would recommend her to any couple needing assistance in this area.